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It is well-known that only proper conditions can promote significant creations, development and expansion. While designing our products, we always think about the needs of our clients and constantly changing market expectations.

MDD furniture is characterized not only by high-class technology, superb quality and contemporary design, but also a large diversity of products. Eergonomic qualities create perfect working conditions for users. Our mission is to become a leader and sustain this leadership position in the office furniture sector.

We are the biggest Polish manufacturer of workplaces, and one of Europe’s leading reception furniture producers. Our effective operation cycle and complex customer service are appreciated in Europe, USA and GCC countries. Our projects reach exotic places such as Mauritius and Seychelles.

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projektant Zbigniew Kostrzewa

Zbigniew Kostrzewa

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Politechnika Warszawska (the University of Technology in Warsaw) he is an owner of IN DESIGN studio. In his daily work he focuses on designing office spaces – both corporate and public. He takes…

reception desk - zig-zag

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Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. After 10 years of collaboration with prestigious agencies, he became a freelance designer and develops his own projects. He draws the style from his roots which is France, Lebanon and the street art…

reception desk - Arctic Summer

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projektant Charles Kalpakian

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